Inspiring courses in Saint-Petersburg
and by remote learning in energy field

Educational modules

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About us

Energy Academy (EA) is an independent international educational project for students from all over the world. Institute of Energy as a part of Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University organises Energy Academy four times a year – 8 courses during Winter and Summer Session; Hydrogen Energy Course during Spring and Autumn Session.

The Academy provides the opportunity to attend intensive academic prorgam with lectures, live sessions, interactive online lessons, keynote sessions, cultural course etc.

All studies are developed according to the European requirements and can be recognized as a period abroad. Upon successful completion of the course students are awarded with 3 ECTS credits.

Ekaterina Sokolova
Founder, Academy Coordinator

Why us?

Exceptional quality

We never stop developing. It is not our first rodeo! Our team is committed to learn and analyze every possible aspect of our course. Our students are in good hands – we deliver our promises concerning educational programme and many other activities that are created by our amazing staff!

Academic strength through expert tutors (speakers)

Gain access to our team of engaging, expert tutors from leading universities. Professors and speakers from different fields of engineering industry are always ready to answer your questions and are happy to cooperate.

Authentic programme

Our course is meticulously constructed to provide the best experience for our participants. Our programme is unique and authentic with many additional activities and extra curriculums for you to study.

Create lasting friendships with like-minded students, tutors and staff

Not only does Energy Academy keep up with the times of global exchange, it also is a center of such an exchange between ambitious minds that are ready to change the world for the better. By applying you receive a chance to join the global network of specialists and scientists to discuss and share valuable opinions and knowledge.

Our dedicated team of well-trained coordinators and volunteers are here to look after you and help when needed!

ECTS certification
International professors
Cultural course
Guest speakers from energy companies
International students
Social life
Cultural exchange
International festival
Links and friendship

Fees & dates

April, 22 - April, 26 2024
Deadline for the applications is April, 8 2024


For ESA 2024, all our courses will be offered in the choice of two delivery modes:

1. Our Blended Academy option combines on-campus life with online classes for a safe and academically rigorous experience in Saint-Petersburg.

2. We are also pleased to present a Remote Learning option, running alongside our blended learning programme, to allow you the flexibility to study at ESA live from wherever you are in the world.

Blended option

Tuition fee: 25 000 RUB

Remote option

Tuition fee: 20 000 RUB
Accommodation: not provided
Can be booked at the university campus if free places are available, or found by participants independently. Accommodation fee on the campus: approx. 1000 RUB per day

Cultural course

Our Academy is held in Saint-Petersburg - one of the most historically significant cities of Russia. Energy Team gives students an opportunity to explore major sights, experience city life and create new memories.

Students will be able to:
1. Find out more about history and culture through online/oncampus lectures.
2. Participate in International Festival to learn more about different countries and backgrounds of our students.

Introduction lectures
History/Art/Famous Personas
Traditions and customs
Russian language workshop


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